Video Tutorials > Self-Guided Hunt

Watch this tutorial series to build on the things you learned from the hosted hunt series. Learn to build a self-guided hunt while polishing your creator skills with advanced features useful for all hunts.

Self-Guided Hunt Overview

Learn how to get a brand and watch a demo of the self-guided hunt that you will be making.

Hunt Setup

Create the content that potential buyers will see. It’s important to get every word right as this is the info users will read when they consider buying your hunt.

Hunt Main

Set up the content that will display on your hunt's main page before, during, and after your hunt. Then start testing your hunt on a real device with a test registration.

Outside Scramble Mini-Hunt

Set up your first mini-hunt. You'll add placeholder mini-clues and write a meta.

Outside Mini-Clues

Learn to use GPS enforcement on solutions and multiple solutions for the same clue.

First Floor Linear Mini-Hunt

Learn to use partial solutions and practice creating content on your own.

More videos in this series coming soon!