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Powerful platform, simple process

ClueKeeper brings hunt design to a whole new level. Our step-by-step process will guide you through each aspect of hunt and clue creation, making it easy for you to design the hunt that you're imagining.

When you run your hunt, all clues, hints, and messages are distributed to players via the ClueKeeper mobile app. Players submit their answers through the app as well, and all scoring data is collected for you online.

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Killer features give you endless flexibility

ClueKeeper was created for hunt designers, by hunt designers.
We've done our best to anticipate the functionality you need:

  • Immediate or delayed answer confirmation
  • Fixed and par-based point systems
  • "Mini-hunt" clues made up of smaller sub-clues
  • Open and skip times for clues
  • Automated time-based messaging
  • Hints, both free and scored
  • GPS location awareness & verification
  • Augmented reality integration with Zappar
  • Partial answers and data confirmation
  • Support for offline play with no internet connection
  • Automated team registration and manual editing
  • Plus a whole lot more!

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Benefits for creators

We believe that ClueKeeper is a useful service for existing clue hunt creators. In addition to simplified hunt creation and distribution, there are a number of benefits to creating clue hunts with ClueKeeper:

  • Instant Audience - ClueKeeper has a growing list of players that want to find out about hunts, and we can connect you to them.
  • Higher Production Value - ClueKeeper gives you a polished replacement for traditional answer sheets and by-hand scoring.
  • Freedom to Create - Since ClueKeeper helps handle the hunt structure, logistics, and distribution, you're empowered to focus on the fun part — content creation!

Two hunt types to suit your needs

ClueKeeper hunts are divided into two categories: hosted and self-guided.

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Hosted Hunts

Hosted hunts are hunts for which teams register in advance and play at a specified time, and require the presence of on-site staff.

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Self-Guided Hunts

Self-guided hunts are hunts played at any time using only the ClueKeeper app, and do not require any on-site staff. Anyone can download and play a self-guided hunt whenever they like!

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For hosted hunts, we charge a flat rate of $10 per team. Discounts are available for non-profit organizations or charity events.

For self-guided hunts, we charge a variable rate based on the cost you set for your customers, up to a max of $5 per team, plus fees imposed by the payment processor. See our pricing matrix for details.

Still not sure? It is completely free to build and test your hunts, so don't hesitate to try it out first.

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Ready to get started?

We are actively seeking existing clue hunt designers who are interested in developing and distributing hunts using the ClueKeeper platform.

If you develop hunts professionally and would like to try out the platform, create a ClueKeeper account and then fill out the form to request creator access.

All ready to run your first hunt? Be sure to join the ClueKeeper Developers Facebook group, check out our best practices pages, and watch some tutorial videos to learn how to run a great hunt on the ClueKeeper platform.