Video Tutorials > Hosted Hunt

Watch this six part tutorial if you are just getting started as a creator for ClueKeeper. Learn by doing as you follow along with the videos and create your own personal hosted hunt.

Hosted Hunt Overview

Learn how to become a creator, see what tools you'll need, and watch a demo of the simple hosted hunt that you will be making.

Hunt Setup

Get started making the Card Games hunt, working through the Hunt Info, Policies, and Start Info tabs.

Blackjack Clue

Create your first clue as you learn to add clue text, clue media, hints, and a solution.

Using Test Registrations

Learn how to test your Card Games hunt as you go on a real device using a free test registration.

Finishing the Clue Content

Create the Texas Hold'em and Euchre clues, and learn about the Hunt Issues tab.

Next Steps with the Best Practices Guide

Learn more about best practices for hosted hunts, including playtesting and running your hunt with real teams.