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Joshua Tree: eTOUR GUIDE

Explore the SECRETS of Joshua Tree

This hunt has printable materials.

Joshua Tree: eTOUR GUIDE will take you on a mystical, mysterious, and magical adventure throughout the Joshua Tree area creating 32 spectacular experiences that will remain with you forever. We will teach you about U2, John Lennon, Jim Morrision, Paul McCartney, UFOs, Aliens, crop circles, artwork, Project Blue Book, George Van Tassel, the literal heart of the earth, and SO MUCH MORE!!! This rural “middle-of-nowhere” village has mystified people for thousands of years, and has found its way, today, right into YOUR life’s adventures. By visiting Joshua Tree, you will already be joining just about EVERY SINGLE creative person you can imagine, and we mean EVERY SINGLE actor, musician, artist, model, photographer, poet, author, videographer, blogger, adventurer, personality, and celebrity. However, you will know more than they ever have. We expose you to all the secrets and uniqueness that most could NEVER know. eTOUR GUIDE visits the same locations as Joshua Tree: THE SECRET TOUR (Extended Edition), but does not have you solve any clues, riddles, ciphers, or puzzles. This is more of a sight-seeing tour where you are taken from location to location so you can enjoy them at your own pace.

We will have you start and finish at the same location, the Joshua Tree Visitor Center (JTVC). We did that so your team can always have a "home base." We will take you no further than a 12-mile radius from your starting location so have no fear about the distance. You’ll still be close by. However, this tour is VERY long (104 miles) and takes a VERY long time (6-8 hours).

Don’t just visit the park, see what Joshua Tree is really all about!

-The Secret Tours Team-


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Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Created By: The Secret Tours LLC
Duration: about 6 hours
Team Size: up to 20

Limited to first 100 Adventurers.

Price: $99.99 USD $29.99 USD / team