Victoria By Bike - Hunt Details

Victoria By Bike

The Pedaler Hunt #1 - updated for 2018

A puzzle hunt by bike around beautiful Victoria, BC! Follow the directions from one location to the next on your mobile device. Solve puzzles along the route that include fun, local facts and stories. Purchase a single copy of this hunt and your group can work together to solve the puzzles, and enjoy a bike ride around town.

The route is around 12km long (7 miles), and mostly flat. There is one very short, steep climb we recommend pushing the bikes up and a couple more gentle hills on the way. We stick to quieter roads if at all possible, with safe junctions where necessary to make left turns.
Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
Created By: The Pedaler
Duration: about 2 hours
Team Size: up to 6

Price: $24.99 CAD / team