Lions of Lviv - Hunt Details

Lions of Lviv

Discover history of Lviv through stories of its lions. Learn legends, solve clues and win a souvenir from Lviv.

Has anyone of you ever wondered why there are so many lions all around the city of Lviv? Established people living here will tell you they are not actually lions.

If you look closely at the symbols of our city, you can see that they resemble humans. It is not just a coincidence - these lions represent former Lviv citizens who had done something important for their city during their lives. They were governors and simple people, artisans and nobles, local people and comers to the city among them.

There is only one night every year when all the lions of Lviv gather in a secret place and tell their interesting stories. Yet, no one knows exactly where and when they gather. During one such meeting, the lions told us sixteen interesting stories and allowed us to share them with you.

Grab a power bank, pack some snacks, and start exploring the legends of Lviv lions.
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Created By: Tales and Adventures
Duration: about 3 hours
Team Size: up to 5

Price: £19.99 GBP / team