Clear Water Time! Global EDITION - Hunt Details

Clear Water Time! Global EDITION

2-4 hour Virtual Out and About with NO contact

This hunt has printable materials.

2-4 hour Community Hunt:
Eau Claire Downtown Business
Community Hunt Puzzle!
We are blessed in the downtown area to have a sculpture tour to help us walk through our clues!

Use your resources and smarts and Play 100% online OR get out and get moving without getting out of your car OR Walk the game! You'll still need your phones and internet access for a couple of the clues but 60% of this adventure can be done on foot and without technology.

Expected to take 2-4 hours with a team of 1-4 players.
These puzzles will be created in a linear fashion to accommodate small group play. For cars, a designated driver is required to ensure safe play with a car and Tactical Escape 101 may not be held responsible for unsafe play. Stay safe everyone!
The intent of this project is to help you have joy and hope while in self containment. Please do not touch any surfaces and Please, be respectful and stay away from others while in play. Let's get through this together- WITH JOY!
Eau Claire Wisconsin:
Galloway to Graham to Farwell and Lake are your boundaries! All clues can be seen easily from this playing field or can be found through online resources! Have Fun and Stay Safe!
Location: Anywhere
Created By: Tactical Escape 101
Duration: about 2 hours
Team Size: up to 4

Price: $24.99 USD / team