Escape the Musée Mécanique - Hunt Details

Escape the Musée Mécanique

Can you escape in time?

This hunt uses Zappar!

Covid-19 Update:
The Musée Mécanique may be closed. Please check their website ahead of time for the latest information.

Escape the Musée Mécanique is a virtual escape room played in a real-world location. Use ClueKeeper and the exhibits in the admission-free museum to solve puzzles and find out what's really going on at the Musée.

This hunt is suitable for ages 10 and up, and the recommended team size is 2 to 4 players. Be warned: once you get to the Musée and start the timer, your team will have only 90 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape!

NOTE: This is the standard version of this hunt, and is appropriate for all types of players. If you prefer, you may choose to purchase the EXPERT version, which is designed for experienced puzzle hunt players. The EXPERT puzzles are the same as the regular Escape the Musée Mécanique hunt, but with fewer instructions and a complex hunt structure. To get the EXPERT hunt, return to Find Hunts to purchase it instead.
Location: San Francisco, CA
Created By: Shinteki
Duration: about 1.5 hours
Team Size: up to 4

Price: $39.99 USD / team