The Quest at Avalon - Hunt Details

The Quest at Avalon

Merlin's Challenge

This hunt uses Zappar!

Having fun at Avalon just got better with this scavenger/puzzle hunt that is based on the medieval island of Avalon where King Arthur's sword Excalibur was forged (true story)! With an app on your smartphone, your group (up to 4 people) will solve Clues (riddles, ciphers, and puzzles) that King Arthur has left behind. Some Clues include augmented reality technology to add to the experience! If you have more than 4 people then divide into teams and purchase multiple codes, which will add some friendly competition. This quest is of moderate difficulty and a lot of fun for families, friends, couples, date night, or a team of co-workers looking for a challenge.

There is a live leaderboard, to compare scores against other teams currently playing, and historical scores. The current high score is 830 points with a solve time of 1hr and 38mins. The timer stops between each of the Clues, so you can stop, shop, or eat along the way.

There are 16 individual Clues to be solved, and you are scored on your time to solve them, as well as any hints used, but all of this is done automatically with the app, so you can focus on the Clues and having fun with your group!

Paper & pen are highly recommended. A fully charged phone is also suggested. All of this takes place in outdoor public areas.

From time to time Avalon hosts outdoor events. You should still be able to play, but it may be more difficult to access certain areas. Please check the calendar of events below.

Avalon Calendar of Events

This hunt is not affiliated with Avalon (the shopping center) in anyway.
Location: Alpharetta, GA
Created By: Scavenger Solvers
Duration: about 1.75 hours
Team Size: up to 5

Crazy COVID Discount!

Price: $49.99 USD $29.99 USD / team