Predisposed - Hunt Details


A Room Eight “Play at Home” Hunt

This hunt uses Zappar!

You’ve been invited to an exclusive private dinner party at the residence of the eccentric actor Huge Axeman.

All is not as it seems at the dinner, however, and soon you and the other guests find yourself trapped in a game created by a madman.

This hunt is intended as an accompaniment to the Room Eight escape room 'Indisposed'. The events take place prior to those of the escape room, however you can play this as an introduction if you're yet to play, or as an extended experience if you've already played.

Can you and your team navigate the Axeman's labyrinth of puzzles and traps, and escape his madhouse, before it's too late...?

If you have any questions about this hunt, please contact Room Eight by email at

Location: Anywhere
Created By: Room Eight
Duration: about 1.5 hours
Team Size: unlimited
Language: English

Price: $15.99 USD $13.99 USD / team