Passover Escape Experience - Hunt Details

Passover Escape Experience

Exodus from Reality

This hunt has printable materials.

Your journey begins in Egypt thousands of years ago and your team must work to solve all the mysteries of the Seder Plate.

Its secrets will lead your team to a unique Passover adventure.

Your goal is to safely leave Egypt through Red Sea and to complete the Exodus by reaching the end of the Seder before time runs out.

Fun For The Whole Family!

This Puzzle Hunt is based on the Jewish Holiday of Passover. If you want to play the puzzle these links have a little background on the holiday that might help you:

Britannica Kids - Passover
Passover Holiday Symbolic Foods

Suggested Playlist for the puzzle hunt...Passover Parodies
Location: Anywhere
Created By: Reality Break Escapes
Duration: about 30 minutes
Team Size: unlimited

Price: $14.99 USD / team