ADRENALINE - Trapped - Hunt Details


This hunt uses Zappar!

This hunt has printable materials.

In a desperate search for your friend, you fell into the trap of a psychopath.
Will you escape with your life?

(Whilst we recommend playing the first part beforehand, it is not necessary)

Recommended for 16 years and older!

To complete this criminal mystery hunt, easily played at home and at any time, you will require the ClueKeeper App on your smartphone or other device. In addition you will also need to print one A4 page relevant to the hunt.(see PDF file, black & white printing is also sufficient)

It is possible for all puzzles to be solved by one single player, but it is more fun playing with others.
You can use two different smartphones simultaneously.

A variety of tools (such as Google, or even a good old fashioned pen & paper…)can be used to assist you in solving the puzzles. In fact, these tools are sometimes necessary.

Your PerplexxX team
Location: Anywhere
Created By: PerplexxX
Duration: about 1 hour
Team Size: up to 2

Price: $9.99 USD / team