Utica Zombie Antidote Program - Hunt Details

Utica Zombie Antidote Program

Cure The Zombie!

A Zombie Apocalypse looms on the horizon. Utica has been selected as the pilot city for the Zombie Antidote Program or ZAP.

Each citizen will need to assemble a team of up to 6 people to help their zombie recover. Scientists have found that the only antidote to the process is to keep the zombie's mind stimulated. You will have to walk approximately 1.3 miles through downtown Utica taking it to specific spots to help trigger a memory.

Be aware, the zombies are only able to communicate using riddles, puzzles and clues. It's your job to figure out what they are saying, where they are trying to lead you and who they are.

You should bring scratch paper and pencils and a fully charged smart phone for everyone on the team.
Location: Utica, MI
Created By: Mysteries On Main
Duration: about 2 hours
Team Size: up to 6

Price: $24.99 USD / team