Escape! - Grab a burger and run! - Hunt Details

Escape! - Grab a burger and run!

Use your escape room skills to solve the clues to exit the house.

You have found yourself in a dark room. You are not sure where you are, but you remember you were suppose to be at Mom's house today for a family 4th of July BBQ. You can smell the briquettes and you can hear children outside laughing.

You need to solve the clues to get from the dark room to the BBQ.

This can be completed by one person or a team, probably up to 6 people.

This is a family friendly hunt and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Review the clues in any order because many of the clues require you to go back and forth between all the clues to solve the clue.

Paper and pencil will be handy, the internet will not be needed.

Come on in solve your way to a BBQ. There is no time limit!
Location: Anywhere
Created By: Laidback
Duration: about 1 hour
Team Size: unlimited

Price: $4.99 USD / team