The Baseball Puzzles - Hunt Details

The Baseball Puzzles

A Little League Hunt

This hunt has printable materials.

This is a "print-and-play" puzzle hunt, intended for kids age 10-14 to play at home, alone or with a team of friends.

(A team can be as many kids as desired, but the optimal experience is probably with a team size between 1 and 4 players.)

In order to play this hunt, you will need:
1. A computer attached to the internet and a color printer
2. A smartphone with the ClueKeeper app installed
3. Scissors
4. Scotch tape
5. A pencil

Kids with access to all of these items and basic knowledge of how to use them should be able to complete the hunt on their own. However, it may be a good idea to have an adult available in case technical issues arise.

To confirm that you're good-to-go from a technical standpoint, download and print the test page at (Not a puzzle.)
Location: Anywhere
Created By: Golem Hunts
Duration: about 3 hours
Team Size: unlimited

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Price: $9.99 USD $4.99 USD / team