The Baka Neighborhood Hunt - Hunt Details

The Baka Neighborhood Hunt

Tribes and Tribulations

The twelve tribes of Israel take you on an adventure around the south Jerusalem neighborhood of Baka.

This hunt is ideal for families or tour groups. We recommend:

• Teams of 2-4 (each team requires a separate purchase of the hunt).
• Children as young as 4 can play if assisted by a grown-up. The game is best for ages 9 - adult.
• This should be played during daylight, both to ensure that all clues are accessible and for safety reasons.
• Knowledge of Hebrew is helpful, but not required.

Each team must have at least one GPS-enabled smartphone to play. A piece of paper and a pen or pencil will also be helpful.
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Created By: Golem Hunts
Duration: about 3 hours
Team Size: up to 4

COVID Discount

Price: ₪31.90 ILS ₪19.90 ILS / team