Escape the Boredom! Ep. 2 - Hunt Details

Escape the Boredom! Ep. 2

An E1A game to play at home

This hunt uses Zappar!

This hunt has printable materials.

After a couple more weeks of self-isolation, boredom is once again starting to take a grip. All you want to do is go for a nice hike in the countryside. All is fine until you stumble across a deserted house and end up getting locked in the garage. Can you escape and make it back home to safety?

Episode 2 is a big step up from episode 1. This game should feel a lot more like an escape room, has been fully illustrated (credit to our daughter for that), has some printed material to help you out (only 2 pages with minimal ink usage) and uses some fun augmented reality!

Although they are called Episode 1 and Episode 2, they are stand alone games and do not have to be played in order.

* This game is purely intended as a bit of fun to entertain you for an hour or so while stuck at home - we in no way encourage you to actually go out!
Location: Anywhere
Created By: Escape One Algarve
Duration: about 1 hour
Team Size: up to 4

Price: €7.99 EUR / team