Escape the Boredom! - Hunt Details

Escape the Boredom!

An E1A game to play at home

The whole world has gone into lockdown and the military have locked you in your own house (for your own safety, of course!), but after a couple of weeks you are bored out of your mind and all you want to do is pop down to The Winchester for a pint. Only problem is the military alarmed your house and are patrolling everywhere. Can you escape and enjoy a nice refreshing beer?

This is our first offering for a play-at-home game, and while it can be played anywhere, you may need a little online research to solve some puzzles.

As a thank you for supporting us through this time, we will discount 5€ off one of our rooms once we can open again.

* This game is purely intended as a bit of fun to entertain you for an hour or so while stuck at home - we in no way encourage you to actually go to the pub!
Location: Anywhere
Created By: Escape One Algarve
Duration: about 1 hour
Team Size: up to 4

Price: €5.49 EUR / team