Mission: TBD - Hunt Details

Mission: TBD

Part 1: The Bare Necessities

This hunt uses Zappar!

The first game in the Mission: TBD series, Part 1: The Bare Necessities is a first-person escape room style puzzle adventure with extensive use of augmented reality to provide an immersive experience. It is designed for 1-3 players. You will need to allow access to your phone camera, and we recommend you play while connected to Wi-Fi to ensure a smooth experience. Help and hints are built into the game, with each press of the help icon providing more information.

The year is 2035. Hotel TBD is a state-of-the-art luxury hotel, the first of its kind on Mars. As an entry-level employee at the hotel, you stay behind to attend to the finishing touches while everyone else takes a much needed vacation prior to the grand opening.

After a rather productive morning, you have just settled in the breakroom with a snack when something goes terribly wrong. Now it’s up to you to save yourself and the hotel before it’s too late.
Location: Anywhere
Created By: Epic Team Adventures
Duration: about 1 hour
Team Size: up to 3

Price: $19.99 USD $9.99 USD / team