DASH 9 -- Expert - Hunt Details

DASH 9 -- Expert

Play-at-home version for experienced puzzlers

This hunt uses Zappar!

You and your fellow members of the Department of Applied Synergistic Humanities (DASH) receive an intriguing invitation from Dr. Chris Jones, the world-famous archaeologist. Dr. Jones wrote that your department's multidisciplinary approach would help overcome unique challenges being unearthed at the dig site of an ancient civilization.

DASH (Different Area, Same Hunt) is a puzzle hunt event which takes place on the same day in multiple cities around the world. Teams of 3 to 5 players solve puzzles in a friendly competition. As each puzzle is solved, more of the hunt's ongoing story is revealed, and teams receive directions to walk to another nearby location for the next puzzle.

This is the play-at-home version of DASH 9. Download a ZIP of printable puzzles from the DASH 9 puzzles page.

See the FAQ page for suggested items and info on DASH hunts.

Note that this is the Expert version of the hunt. The Standard version is also available in ClueKeeper. See the DASH FAQ for information on the different levels.
Location: Anywhere
Created By: DASH at Home
Duration: about 6 hours
Team Size: unlimited

Price: $9.99 USD / team