The Lost Treasure of ZaGR - Hunt Details

The Lost Treasure of ZaGR

The Hunt For The Greatest Treasure On Earth

This hunt uses Zappar!

This hunt has printable materials.

Calling all budding archeologists and adventurers; we're off to investigate the mystery behind The Lost Treasure of ZaGR.

"It's part treasure hunt, part escape room part Indiana Jones... what a ride!" - Zachary M. (student)

** This is a play-at-home clue hunt that uses a lost explorer's secret journal to help you solve clues. We'll deliver the journal FREE! right to your mailbox after you register and gain access to the hunt in the App. Simply fill out the form with your mailing address after purchase.

It's an immersive, global treasure hunt that virtually transports your 9 to 99 year old around the globe from the rainforests of South America to the greatest monuments of Europe and beyond.

ZaGR incorporates state of the art augmented reality, video and 3D experiences that magically bring learning to life.

"ZaGR is absolutely immersive. This beats family game night anytime, we loved it" - Melissa Tew (parent)

Location: Anywhere
Created By: Adventures Alive
Duration: about 8 hours
Team Size: up to 4

At-home activities!

Price: $29.99 USD $24.99 USD / team